Monday, April 23, 2012

One Sweet Day...

Grandpa Siaosi Fakatoumafi and Grandma Ana Puteni (Dads Parents)
Grandma Lesiesli and Grandpa Malu Ha'apai

I've always admired the relationships some of my cousins and friends have with their grandparents. If I granted an opportunity to spend a day with any group of people alive or gone... I wouldn't want to spend the day with anybody other than my lovely grandparents who are serving missions on the other-side with the exception of my Grandpa Siaosi whose currently in Mataika, Vava'u, Tonga. I'd love to hear about their hopes and dreams for them and their children, their conversion to the gospel, the up bringing of my parents/the rest of their kids and so on... Although I long for that one sweet day to reunite with them and the rest of my family on the other side...

My heart is full of gratitude because, I see bits and pieces of them in my parents. I'm grateful they were born of "goodly parents" because of them I am where I am today. I couldn't have been blessed with a more awesome/crazy set of parents then these two! :)

 Grandma Le and Grandpa Malu: I remember always catching Grandma Le reading her tohi tapu (bible) and I was always told stories on how you two were deeply rooted in the gospel. I see that in my mom! Her faith in God and testimony in the Savior has brought our family to where we are today. Grandpa Malu, I remember hearing stories about how strict you were on them and how one day Aunty Lili skipped school to go to the movies and she took Veiongo Lahi along with her and you went right over their to greet them as they came out. LOL All my siblings and I are grown up now and my mom still acts as if we're 15 years old. But I only know it's because she cares just as you two cared for her and the rest of your children.
Grandma Ana and Grandpa Siaosi: If only you could see Tomasi now... I know you both would be proud of how far his come because, I know am! His so humble and forgiving. The funniest comedian I know. I know you guys were hardworking because ever-since I could remember I see him day in and day out working hard to support our family and if he wasn't working at the warehouse or doing construction he would be at home fixing what needs to be fixing or tell us to clean this or that until it was spotless. He truly is the definition of HARD-WORK. I know you two taught him the importance of family because, I see how much he cares bout his siblings and the rest of the family! I'm grateful the teachings you guys instilled in Him.

Although I can't spend a day with them yet I know I can in the eternities to come. I know families can be together forever through Heavenly Fathers plan! I'm grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints. Hope to see you soon Grandpa Siaosi. Ofa atu kimoutolu! :)